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India Tour Packages

What do you imagine when you hear : Adventure Holidays in India?

If you already know the meaning and definition of the term you must be enthusiastic to retrieve the adventurous part of this incredible land. Definitely, the term adventure has greatest significance in India. The land, which is accosted with mesmerized beauty and landscape, has every best causal attraction to rewind the adventurous part of you.

Literally, adventure tour does not mean simply watching and experiencing the thrilling part of the nature and getting closer for being a piece of it; but an adventure holiday will take you to an ultimate trip to rejuvenation and reenergizing moments by dwelling deep into the vast Himalayan valleys, climbing high on the stiffed hills, splashing oneself into the rigorous waves and so on.

An adventurous tour to India will take the enthusiasts to the most demanding trekking, camping, rafting, mountain biking and much more at different locales of India and most popularly at the Himalayan valleys.

Incredibly, the land of Ladakh is best known for trekking opportunities and rafting jingles at Zanskar River. Besides, the Garhwal, Kumaon, Sikkim and Himachal ranges are also boarded for various trekking, camping and biking tour activities for more fun and energetic sports. And to add more flavor to the adventure tour, an idea of camping at the vast stretches of the mightiest rivers and jeep safari experience is equally beneficial for all the sporty guys coming to India.

When you are at India Tour Packages, the best thing you can find is the most prominent part of these adventurous events. We at ITP-UK bring the most challenging activities especially the trekking events for the real sporty people in a managed way for every occasion and reason. With a group of skillful guides and experts who will assist all the trekkers throughout their journey and will bring all the necessary requirements including the expert cook; an adventure tour experience is really going to be so rewarding. The best names of trekking opportunities that we bring for you are:

  • Frozen River Chadar Trek
  • Nanda Devi Trek
  • Trans Zanskar Trek
  • Kuari Pass Trek
  • Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek
  • Singalila Ridge Trek and more…

Explore these famous destinations with India Tour Packages and ignite your real enthusiast with your bravery acts of course with the assistance of the guided experts.